The three distinct esoteric paths of Inner Alchemy, Prayer, and Meditation can be found in various forms throughout the world's mystical traditions. Christopher Murphy brings these paths together in a way that is easier to practice and understand for aspirants that weren't born or raised in the traditional religions and cultures associated with these methods.

He has done workshops throughout the USA, Canada, UK, and Dominican Republic, and is based in Asheville N.C where he teaches local students.

Events and Tour Schedule

Saturday, May 11th, 10-6pm
Sunday, May 12th, 10-6pm

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Saturday, May 4th, 2-6pm
Sunday, May 5th, 2-6pm

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Friday, May 17th 7-10pm
Saturday, May 18th 10-6pm
Sunday, May 19th 10-6pm

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Writings and audio lectures of Christopher Murphy on the fundamental teachings of Three Awakenings.

The situation of a modern spiritual aspirant is at least in one way very different than millennia of predecessors. Where those who came before have had to often search for years to find a genuine teacher, now everyone with some basic computer skills can find a hundred teachers in a day! Of course, there are some frauds, but there are also many authentic teachers, with real lineages, who are easy to find and pay a visit. ...

Our first lecture in a three-part series concerning the three awakenings.

Inside of you is a mirror unlike any other mirror. The beginning of the spiritual path is its polishing, the middle of the path is its reflecting, and the summit of the path is its shattering. The poets call this mirror “the Heart,” mystics call it “the Self,” and the Platonists call it “the Soul.” It does not reflect your own face; in fact, at first, it may reflect nothing at all! ...

Our second lecture in a three-part series concerning the three awakenings.

As you purify the heart, it begins to climb into higher realities, and, as a result of the soul’s ascent, divine energy will descend into the body. The loftier the soul’s attainment, the more powerful this influx of energy will become. ...

Our final lecture in a three-part series concerning the three awakenings.

The awakening of the Mind, which means to really free our mind of its forced slavery to our senses and its years of mental conditioning, is the central task of all of mankind. It is not “spiritual” if, by that word, you mean something special, elite, supernatural, etc. The mind is common to all of us. ...

A collection of philosophic and practical teachings given by Daskalos Christopher Murphy.

Daskalos Christopher Murphy elaborates on each verse of the Hekatombe of Guidance, a treatise composed by him consisting of 100 verses on spiritual cultivation and on living a philosophic way of life.

About Daskalos (teacher) Christopher Murphy

A strong proponent of Platonic philosophy and mysticism throughout his life, Christopher is an energetic and dedicated teacher who has had the good merit of receiving spiritual training at the hands of Taoist, Buddhist, Sufi, and Yogic masters over the years. Having seen thousands of people practicing hundreds of methods, but only a few ever achieving any success, he realized that many students and teachers were so fixated on spiritual exercises and techniques that the actual way of life that leads to realization was being quickly forgotten. It is his hope that he can wake people out of the stupor of the money-market spirituality of endless techniques and show them the value of a trained mind and a virtuous life to lay the foundations of their spiritual path. He has no desire to be anyone’s guru or spiritual leader, but instead simply wishes to help empower the individual to train the mind how to think, instead of what to think - at which point each seeker can determine for their self the worth of the various paths and traditions.


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